Interested in joining the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce?

Call 636-462-8769 or e-mail  If at all possible we prefer to speak/meet with all prospective members before joining to review the many benefits and services of membership. Only you know what truly works best for your business and joining the Chamber allows for a personalized experience in growing your business and expanding your connection network!

Troy Area Chamber of Commerce Dues Structure

Membership dues for the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce are based upon the number of employees in your business.  Two (2) part-time employees equal one (1) full-time employee. If a member joins after July 1, we will prorate the dues appropriately. *The fiscal year for the Chamber is January 1 – December 31.  *Discounts are available if you own more than one business.

  • 1-25 Employees $150.00
  • 26-100 Employees $250.00
  • 101-150 Employees $350.00
  • 151-299 Employees $450.00
  • 300+ Employees $600.00
  • Elected Official, Retired Individual or Additional Business Representative: $100.00
  • Church/Civic/Social Groups: $100.00

Please call to discuss your membership options prior to filling out an online application.